How I attached the outriggers and other items

I have the boat on a trailer, reinforced the mounting of the outriggers with 1/4 inch aluminum angle iron, installed a depth finder and chart plotter so I would not get lost, and use a 2hp gas outboard engine.

I can go almost anywhere. If you want more pictures, let me know.


Here are some more pictures of how I attached the outriggers and other items.

The aluminum angle iron was all 1/4 inch thick. Holes drilled in the angle iron provided attachment points through the grommets on the boat. It has proven to be very stable.

I also used the grommets with flat 1/4 aluminum strips to create a way to pull the boat onto the trailer. The top pull handle was not strong enough.

I would like to know what your people think of what I did.


Wed, 31 Aug 2016

angle iron to support outrigger
1/4 inch angle iron to attach outrigger to boat
angle iron to support mounting for depth finder and rod holder
mount for anchor bracket
slab aluminum for forward pull onto trailer plus registration number